Ways to Heal a Broken Ankle

The most ideal approach to recuperate a broken lower leg is by taking appropriate treatment and taking after a solid eating routine. We should observe the how a broken lower leg mends through legitimate treatment.

A broken ankle is one of the most common fractures experienced by people. It is very important to enable the ankle bone heal completely in case of a fracture. If the bone does not heal properly, it can lead to a permanent injury and may need correction surgery. One of the drawbacks of an ankle fracture is getting confined to the bed or home for a few weeks. There are no quick methods per se, and the bone will take its own time to heal.

How to Treat a Broken Ankle

A break in the ankle joint is called an ankle fracture. A direct blow to the bone, falls, twists, and sprains cause broken ankles. The symptoms of a broken ankle include immediate and severe pain after injury. The ankle tends to swell and you observe bruising all around it. When touched, the ankle feels tender and the patient is unable to put pressure or body weight over it. This causes problems while walking. An X-ray will confirm the presence of a fracture and the doctor will suggest possible treatments.

Ice Compress
The immediate treatment for a broken ankle is application of an ice compress. The ice helps in reducing the swelling around the injury. It will also control pain and prevent further damage to the tissue surrounding the broken ankle. Next, call for an ambulance or take the patient to a hospital.

A doctor will check if the bones have been displaced due to the impact of the trauma. If there is a dislocation of the bones, the patient will require application of a splint. This splint is applied when the swelling is maximum. It helps in re-setting the bone to its original place. The patient may be given some kind of sedation as it is this procedure is very painful.

After the swelling has reduced to a considerable extent, the doctor will suggest application of a cast. This cast is usually made of Plaster of Paris, plastic, or fiberglass. The cast helps in healing of the bone by holding it in place. You need to make sure the cast is kept dry and it does not crack, break, or get loose. If it does, another visit to the doctor is necessary to get the cast corrected.

In severe cases, a surgery may be considered to help the bones align properly. There are different surgeries that include use of a metal plate with screws, a rod placed down the center of the bone, or just screws to hold the bone together.

During the healing process, the patient is asked to start building endurance for walking after a few weeks. This means that he is allowed to walk a bit with the help of a walker, wheelchair, or crutches. This must be done with caution and should not be hurried. It may cause increase in inflammation and pain. Also, it may delay the healing process further.

After the cast is removed, physiotherapy exercises are prescribed. This helps in improving the blood circulation to the feet and provides flexibility to the ankle joint. The procedure should be followed slowly and excess pressure should not be exerted in trying to walk fast. The bone may still need a little bit of more rest to complete its healing process. A support like a walking stick may be used.

A broken ankle requires about 6 weeks to heal on an average. This depends on the type of fracture and the severity of the injury. The doctor’s advice should be followed by the book so that the broken ankle heals without any trouble. Proper nutrition will help the bone heal soon. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to alleviate the pain and inflammation. In the end, the bone should be given ample time to heal, or else a simple broken ankle injury can turn into a serious complication. Rest is mandatory for the healing process.